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Local Flavor Technology, LLC
317 West Glenwood Dr
Birmingham, AL
(877) 870-3463


Our Creations

InstaGift (formerly Giphter)

Our flagship product. InstaGift, launched in 2007 as Giphter, provides online gift certificate sales and promotions for restaurants, restaurant groups, chamber of commerces, media companies and dining guides all across the nation. Whether it's a group gift certificate, discount gift certificate promotion, or an in-house gift card replacement, our customizable online purchase and print software platform is industry-leading.


Founded in 2001 and completely redesigned in the Summer of 2009, BirminghamMenus is the top spot for information about locally owned Birmingham area restaurants. Our discount gift certificates have become a staple in the Birmingham community and the ever-growing restaurant index provides menus, photos, and information about one of the best independent restaurant scenes in the country.


KansasCityMenus is the top spot for information about locally owned Kansas City area restaurants. Redesigned in the Spring of 2009, our all new restaurant guide includes menus, photos, catering, private dining information, discount gift certificates and much more.

Built entirely in the extremely portable and easy to administer Wordpress publishing platform. Contact us today to start a dining guide in your city.


Paddle42 is the best place on the web to host controlled and customizable private online auctions. We specialize in hosting and administering fundraising auctions for charitable organizations and advertisement auctions for media companies and advertising leagues. Our platform is extremely flexible and easy to use.

Leadership Team

Nate Schmidt

Co-Founder, Business Development Lead

Nate and his wife Jennifer founded BirminghamMenus.com in 2001 and quickly grew it into the largest independent restaurant directory in Birmingham. His success in Birmingham served as a springboard for business dealings with restaurants and restaurant groups all across the nation, eventually growing into what Local Flavor Technology is today. Nate's a former debate champion and holds a law degree from the University of Kansas.

Mike Schmidt

Co-Founder, Technical Lead

Mike joined Local Flavor Technology in 2007 to co-found and develop the InstaGift platform. Before making the leap into entrepreneurship, he spent 3 years quickly moving up the corporate ranks at ESPN.com. Mike played an integral role in the launch of ESPN.com's Free Fantasy Football, and authored the framework of ESPN's ever growing blogging, community and social media presence. Mike holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.